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Chemin de Fer by LeRoy Neiman
Serigraph on Paper - 47W x 34H Inches

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Chemin de Fer by LeRoy Neiman - Serigraph on Paper.
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Quick Summary:  LeRoy Neiman, Chemin de Fer [Item Number: 7893471476] - Serigraph on Paper. It measures approximately 47W x 34H (Inches). From the LeRoy Neiman collection. Chemin de Fer by LeRoy Neiman is a Limited Edition Hand-Signed artwork of 250. This item is Numbered. Certified Authentic.
Found Under:  LeRoy Neiman | Serigraph on Paper | LeRoy Neiman | Expressionism
Tags:  neiman | poker | casino | cards | blackjack | friends | entertainment | game |
Extra Description & Notes
Crockford's Club in London, 1966. Titled elite and the ultra-chic mingle, flash and dazzle in the roll of the dice, the snap of the newly dealt card, the percussive song of the roulette wheel. Fleeting impressions: the refracted sparkle of a crystal chandelier, the wink of diamonds on the cuff and around the throat, formal black for the gents, a rainbow of silks and satins for the ladies. The high stakes chemin de fer table, where four true legends are drawn together by chance - Duke Ellington, the Duchess of Windsor, David Niven, Barbra Streisand. The atmosphere heats with excitement around this friendly little war of wits, wagers and luck.

Neiman's vigorous, fluid style is a singular confluence of elements from the movements of Expressionism, Social Realism and Abstract Action Painting. He celebrates humanity at work and play: socialites and stable boys, sports stars and beach goers, movers and shakers and the man on the street. The genius of his work is in its immediacy: scenes of personalities caught mid-thought and mid-motion, pulsing with the energy of life.

This is LeRoy Neiman's London at night. The allure of gambling, the glitter of the celebrity and the aristocrat, a kaleidoscope of color, scent and sound. Realized first as a brilliant painting for the London Playboy Club.
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Chemin de Fer - Item Number
Chemin de Fer - Dimensions
 47W x 34H Inches
 119.38W x 86.36H 
Chemin de Fer - Medium See more items with similar medium (Serigraph on Paper).
 Serigraph on Paper
Chemin de Fer - Edition Size
 - Limited Edition of 250
 - Hand-Signed Signed
 - Numbered Numbered
Chemin de Fer - Main Subject: Expressionism See more items with similar subject (Expressionism).
Chemin de Fer - Stock Status
 Currently Out Of Stock

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