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Fiero Monstruo - #81 by Francisco Goya
Etching - 22.5W x 18H x 2D Inches

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Fiero Monstruo - #81 by Francisco Goya - Etching.
Note: The watermark does not appear on the actual item.

Quick Summary:  Francisco Goya, Fiero Monstruo - #81 [Item Number: 4807840620] - Etching. It measures approximately 22.5W x 18H x 2D (Inches). From the Art Director's Picks collection. Fiero Monstruo - #81 by Francisco Goya is a Limited Edition artwork. Certified Authentic.
Found Under:  Francisco Goya | Etching | Art Director's Picks | War & Battle
Tags:  spanish | spain | romanticism | disasters of war | los desastres le a guerra | aquatint | drypoint | engraving | caprichos enfaticos | emphatic caprices | animal | eating | fierce monster | proud monster |
Extra Description & Notes
This aquatint etching is from Goya’s series titled Disasters of War, created between 1810-1820. This print was purchased in Madrid, Spain in 1965 and then from an Estate in Palm Beach, Florida. The Image measures approximately 9”x6.5” and the paper measures 13”x10”. The series was first printed in 1863 with only 80 etchings. Plates 81 and 82 were kept by Goya’s son, Javier and later passed along to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in 1870, and were not published until 1957.

Disasters of War (‘Los Desastres de la Guerra’ in Spanish) represents Goya’s response to the 1808 civilian uprising against the French of the subsequent Peninsula War. Although deeply affected by the war, he kept private his thoughts on the art he produced in response to the conflict and its aftermath. He was in poor health and almost deaf when, at 62, he began work on the prints. The series of 80 prints was not published until 1863, 35 years after his death. In total over a thousand sets have been printed, many not including plates 81 and 82.

Disasters of War was produced using a variety of intaglio printmaking techniques, mainly etching for the line work and aquatint for the tonal areas, but also engraving and drypoint. As with many other Goya prints, they are sometimes referred to as aquatints, but more often as etchings. The series is usually considered in three groups which broadly mirror the order of their creation. The first 47 focus on incidents from the war and show the consequences of the conflict on individual soldiers and civilians. The middle series (plates 48 to 64) record the effects of the famine that hit Madrid in 1811–12, before the city was liberated from the French. The final 17 reflect the bitter disappointment of liberals when the restored Bourbon monarchy, encouraged by the Catholic hierarchy, rejected the Spanish Constitution of 1812 and opposed both state and religious reform. Few of the plates or drawings are dated; instead, their chronology has been established by identifying specific incidents to which the plates refer. However, there are several exceptions. For example, plate 1 was among the last to be completed, after the end of the war.

Plates 65 to 82 were named "Caprichos Enfáticos" ("emphatic caprices") in the original series title. Completed between 1813 and 1820 and spanning Ferdinand VII's fall and return to power. The published edition of The Disasters of War ends as it begins; with the portrayal of a single, agonized figure. The last two plates show a woman wearing a wreath, intended as a personification of Spain, Truth, or the Constitution of 1812-which Ferdinand had rejected in 1814. In plate 80, Si Resucitará? (Will she live again?), she is shown lying on her back with breasts exposed, bathed in a halo of light before a mob of "monks and monsters”. In plate 82, Esto es lo Verdadero (This is the true way), she is again bare-breasted and apparently represents peace and plenty. Here, she lies in front of a peasant.

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Fiero Monstruo - #81 - Item Number
Fiero Monstruo - #81 - Dimensions
 22.5W x 18H x 2D Inches
 57.15W x 45.72H  x 5.08D 
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Fiero Monstruo - #81 - Edition Size
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 War & Battle
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