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Vase Mosaic III by Alfred Gockel
Fine Art Print - 8W x 8H Inches

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Vase Mosaic III by Alfred Gockel - Fine Art Print.
Note: The watermark does not appear on the actual item.

Quick Summary:  Alfred Gockel, Vase Mosaic III [Item Number: 4123733779] - Fine Art Print. It measures approximately 8W x 8H (Inches).
Found Under:  Alfred Gockel | Fine Art Print | Art Director's Picks | Abstract
Tags:  abstract | modern | alfred gockel | vase | still life | apples | fruit | flower | glass |
Extra Description & Notes
Alfred Alexander Gockel was born in Ludinghausen, Germany in 1952. From his earliest days on, he was fascinated by the magic of colors on paper. This talent and enthusiasm resulted in the release of this first art work by a German publisher at the age of 8.

His art is composed with the most beautiful lighted colors, trimmed with powerful black figures and accents. The separate colors and the black trims all fade together, and create an individual image for every spectator, no matter what culture or social position. The graphics are etchings, screen prints and lithographs, and are artistically connected to the unique sector.

The distinctive style is automatically recognized as a true Gockel. However, with graphics the production and printing process is just as considerable as the artistic performance. In his collection we can notice the craftsmanship and dedication of a man who started his career at this field of study, and still can seduce his audience with his own passion.
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Vase Mosaic III - Item Number
Vase Mosaic III - Dimensions
 8W x 8H Inches
 20.32W x 20.32H 
Vase Mosaic III - Medium See more items with similar medium (Fine Art Print).
 Fine Art Print
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