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Snowman (Standard) by Romero Britto
Plush Toy - 12W x 11H x 7D Inches

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Snowman (Standard) by Romero Britto - Plush Toy.
Note: The watermark does not appear on the actual item.

Quick Summary:  Romero Britto, Snowman (Standard) [Item Number: 1090793460]. It measures approximately 12W x 11H x 7D (Inches).
Found Under:  Romero Britto | Plush Toy | Walt Disney | Children
Tags:  home decor | disney | britto | walt disney | romero britto | toys | children | kids | gifts | plush | canvas |
Extra Description & Notes
World renown for his bold patterns optimistic design and colorful palettes Romero Britto's iconographic pop art comes to life in huggable Pop Plush. Battery Operated 3-AAA Included, Blinking Lights, Musical, On Off Switch, Surface washable. Arrival Date: 07/15/2012
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Snowman (Standard) - Item Number
Snowman (Standard) - Dimensions
 12W x 11H x 7D Inches
 30.48W x 27.94H  x 17.78D 
Snowman (Standard) - Medium See more items with similar medium (Plush Toy).
 Plush Toy
Snowman (Standard) - Main Subject: Children See more items with similar subject (Children).
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