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Featured Artists

Romero Britto


Romero Britto was born in the northern coastal town of Racife, Brazil, in 1963. The seventh of nine children, Britto was forced to develop his own interests at an early age. Art became an important outlet as he expressed his fantasies by drawing on paper. At the age of eight, he was working in all mediums he could get his hands on: watercolors, pen and ink, and fingerpainting.

In 1979, Britto had his first exhibition at the Organization of American States in Brasilia, exposing the artist to a large audience. Despite having sold many paintings, Britto still was not convinced of sustained success as an artist and so he continued to pursue his academic goals, entering law school. As he entered his third semester, he realized he could not continue down this path. He sold his car and his painting and headed to Europe to study and paint.

In 1987, Britto visited some friends in Florida, with the hope of establishing himself as a viable artist in the United States. After finding reperesentation in the art world, he opened his own gallery. In 1989, he was commisioned by Absolut Vodka to join their showcase of artists, which included Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Ed Ruscha, et al. This association with Carillon Importers proved to be a catalyst, propelling Britto's career.

Since then, Britto's work has appeared in over 60 national and international publications, including Arts & Antiques and Art in America. The media exposure has helped Britto win recognition from such diverse collectors as the Swedish Royal Family, former President George Bush, Whitney Houston among many others. Internationally, Britto has exhibited in London, Stockholm, Madrid, Tokyo and Italy.

Through his vibrant colours, playful themes and hardedged compositions, Romero Britto captures the attention of both youthful spirits and educated art collectors. It is this unique talent which has established Britto an artistic entity in South Florida, as well as granted him a significant presence in the US, Europe and Asia.

In a multitude of mediums and endless themes, Britto's art provides a glimpse of his personal life experiences. Easily recognized, Britto's work is unmistakably modern, bold and colorful. His style often combines the artistic technique of Pop art with the intricate compositional quality of Cubism. In an effort which brings his work to the masses, Britto constantly reinterprets the meaning of art and its role in contemporary life.

The natural inclination for Britto to express himself visually became apparent to those around him at a very young age. He often painted images from his active imagination on scraps of cardboard and newspapers in his hometown of Recife, Brazil. In 1987, Britto traveled to the United States to challenge his talents among other pop art heavyweights. Since then, he has gained entrance to art exhibitions such as FIAC Paris, Art Salon Hong Kong and numerous world tours. As well, his work has captivated corporate collectors like Pepsi Cola International, ABSOLUT Vodka, Apple Computers and Movado. He has recently been requested for commissions by companies such as Disney, Evian, and Volvo.

To date, Romero Britto continues to fulfill his dreams with an inexhaustible momentum. Britto maintains that "Art is too important not to share." He often dedicates his time and talent to worthwhile international organizations, such as St. Jude's, the American Red Cross and Best Buddies. His paintings grace the collections of heads of state, European nobility, and superstars of athletic, entertainment and business worlds. As well, over a hundred galleries throughout the world proudly represent Romero Britto.

Today he is collected by, and has done portraits of, Roger Federer, Dustin Hoffman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Gloria Estefan, Andre Agassi, Eileen Guggenheim, David Rockefeller, and Senator Ted Kennedy, as well as dozens of other societal, political and entertainment figures.

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Romero Britto
Figurine (Stone Resin)
5W x 4H Inches
Out Of Stock
$28.00  [7% Off]
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Angel (Mini)
Romero Britto
Plush Toy
8W x 10H Inches
Out Of Stock
$22.00  [12% Off]
Cannot Frame Angel (Mini)Save Angel (Mini) To Your GalleryCannot Add Angel (Mini) To Cart - Item Out Of Stock
At Home
Romero Britto
Serigraph on Paper
22.5W x 21H Inches
Out Of Stock
$1,600.00  [20% Off] This is a Limited Edition Item!
See or Buy At Home FramedSave At Home To Your GalleryCannot Add At Home To Cart - Item Out Of Stock
Behind the Flowers
Romero Britto
Serigraph on Paper
20W x 24H Inches
Out Of Stock
$950.00  [52% Off] This is a Limited Edition Item!
See or Buy Behind the Flowers FramedSave Behind the Flowers To Your GalleryCannot Add Behind the Flowers To Cart - Item Out Of Stock
Best Friend
Romero Britto
Serigraph on Paper
20W x 24H Inches
Out Of Stock
$1,100.00  [24% Off] This is a Limited Edition Item!
See or Buy Best Friend FramedSave Best Friend To Your GalleryCannot Add Best Friend To Cart - Item Out Of Stock
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